Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Procrastination........maybe it's not so bad!

Wow, today is a day for procrastination and firsts. Not that procrastination is a first for me, no not me. I should be getting ready for my mother and grandmother to visit.....what am I doing? I am putting pictures on my flickr account so I can post them to my ravelry account (I had to post the delightful square that Darra sent me for the "Sexy Ladies Afghan Square Swap" group on Ravelry, didn't I. Of course I did!). I figured out how to post my playlist and my meez to both my blog and my ravelry page (both firsts) and I am trying to write my first pattern for a 12x12 inch square for Fibernymph, also a first, for the before mentioned group. What I should be doing is cleaning off my front porch, putting the huge stacks of books in the dining room away, pulling weeds, doing a thorough housecleaning, do the laundry.......or maybe I should take a walk, sniff a flower, knit, read a book, dance around the living room or stare at the clouds. Damn I hate the practical side of life!!!!!

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