Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is, apparently, hard for me to blog. I have always said that I am an open book, and really you could ask me any question and I would tell you the truth, but to blog is something else entirely. What if my boss looks at my blog after I have, in anger, posted a crappy couple of sentences about him. I mean I have the best job ever, and I can honestly say that I love to go to work but every once in awhile you have an off day. What if he reads it and gets pissed off? How bout the hubby, friends, kids? For god sake, what if my geriatric, self absorbed dog learned to man the keyboard? I could potentially be in a lot of trouble.
Hmmmm....I sound a little self-absorbed, though. Probably nobody will even read it and all my worry is for naught. Lol.
Anyway....just opened an account on Plurk. Tis' an odd site. I am DearDoe.
In other news, we are moving our little bookstore to downtown old town this weekend, not in a couple week. Ugh! I am sure that craziness will ensue. My boss is really great about humoring me and letting me and my co-worker have my way, but what if he changes his mind and wants the new store his way? His right, I know, but it sure would be sad for me. I love my little store where it is now with LaFeista next door (the guys are so nice they even painted the building for free), my view of the bay and boats, and my poor little stray kitties; Chuck-Chuck, Thea, Pearl and Donny. Oh, I can not forget Clive.
I am gonna stop bitchin' about that for now. I am sure that this move is a positive thing. (I keep trying to tell myself that!)

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