Friday, May 14, 2010

A day off........shucks, I kinda wanna go to work.

Something must be wrong with me. After nearly a month of not having time off, (except two afternoons-thanks Tiff) I have today and tomorrow off. I want to go to work. I remember when my kids were little and I was a stay at home mom I would wonder if I would ever want to work. And then, after a really bad string of jobs, like so bad you come home crying every night and wake up dreading everyday, I knew for sure that I DID NOT WANT TO WORK. Now, and even before, when the store wasn't mine, I have happily went to work, rain or shine, in sickness or health. Which, do not get me wrong, is great. But, what the hell do I do with myself when I am not there???
Lee's dad is doing better this morning. Ginger, the little brown dog, is perky and happy. It looks like it is gonna rain (which I love). And other than the fact that my house needs to be mucked out, and I have a huge recliner in the middle of my front room that I have to get rid of my couch to fit in, everything is just peachy.
I think maybe I will just wing it today. Maybe a couple walks with the dog, a movie, some popcorn and some knitting.
Sounds like a lovely plan.

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