Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mothers Day.......A Week Later

Pics of my Mothers Day Loot:

Kylyn also got me a bottle of nummy champagne. I am a lucky woman to have such great kids!

Yesterday did not go as planned (what does?). I ended up having killer cramps for most of the day so we stayed in Bandon and went up to Lee's parents house with our dog, Ginger so that their dog, Gizmo, and two cats were not alone. Lee went out to the workshop and built me 5 beautiful planters for the store. I love them! (pics soon) While he was working on that I put myself in the house knitting and conversing with the dogs. I felt like crap because of the cramps, not really getting to spend time with Lee and because here he is outside working while I am sitting on my ass watching tv. He assured me that building things was like knitting is to me. Fun. After that I felt a little less guilty. We then went and picked out a bunch of plants to put in my five seven flower pots and three hanging baskets to add to the one hanging basket I already have. Should brighten the place up.
Lee threw his back out yesterday moving a tv for Tiff. It was huge and he is getting to old to refuse help picking stuff up. Arg.
Lee's dad was moved out of ICU yesterday, again. He does really seem better this time and seems to be on the mend. They may be home in another week. Kylyn is staying back at their house with the animals and Gail (his GF) came down with him this time. I am sure Dustin (his BF) will put in an appearence also. They have at least two game systems hooked up. lol
Well, I better get going, still gotta get dressed, walk the dog, pack my stuff for the day and pick up I go!

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