Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holy Crap......Day Two Off.........What will she do?

To left: A usual day at the office (wee book shop). Doesn't look too bad, eh.

Ah, day two. Yesterday ended up OK, knitting buddy Lisa called me and we went a knittin' at the Wool Company and had a nice chat with Geri. Have not got to do that in at least a month. Ever since I decided to stop going to knitting on Saturdays and spend time with the husband instead (which has not been happening, either). Which brings us to today...............
Me and Lee are gonna spend today together, doing what I have no idea since we are flat ass broke. I need to clean the house and get the damn chair out of the middle of my front room. I need to get the hanging baskets and planters for the store done (actually, I want to do the flowers), but the hubby decided that cleaning the house was not how he wanted to spend his day with his wife. It isn't the way I want to spend any day.
Anyway, his dad is doing better. Our son is staying at their house to take care of the animals and we went over for dinner last night and if Ginger's friskiness is any indication, as she romped with the other two dogs and the toys, she is feeling much better!!
My wee book shop had a pretty good day yesterday. Thank God. Bring on the tourists!!!!
And now, a pic of our newly perky little brown dog:

And a pick of my hubby with his hair all crazy. Do you think I could spin this stuff?

And a pic of my super duper kids on their trip to Florence.
More tomorrow..........

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